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Manage assets such as images, scripts, style sheets and other miscellaneous files for use in your event.

Event and Account Assets

This page is where you can manage such assets under Event Assets below.

An administrator can also add account-level images on Account Settings > Management > Assets . You can see those assets here by clicking Account Assets, but you can't add new ones here.

When you insert an image (for example on a webpage or email template) using the HTML Editor, you can choose images from Event Assets and from Account Assets.

And whether it's for an event-level or account-level asset, you can copy the file path to use an image in event websites and forms, for example.

Note: If an event is to be used as a template, it should use account-level assets, because they will be available to all events in the account.

Event Assets 

Right-click a file for these options:

Account Assets 

As described under 'Account and Event Assets' above, if an administrator  has uploaded any account-level assets, you can click Account Assets here to see them.

All the same options as described above for Event Assets are available here for Account Assets, apart from uploading new ones; only an administrator can do that, and only on Account Settings > Account Settings > Management > Assets).

Most importanrtly 

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