Speaker: Add, Edit, or View (in Speaker and Session Management)



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Read/Edit and Sessions buttons (at top right)

When you edit or view an existing speaker record the page includes these three buttons (at top right).

They're not present when you're adding a new record.


The fields for each speaker are in the following panels, where the labels are largely self-explanatory:

Personal Info, Contact Info, Social Info, Additional Detail, Sessions, Custom Data

Personal Info

Contact Info

Social Info

Additional Detail

Click the downwards arrow in the heading bar to expose these extra fields:


Click the sessions icon at the top of the page to open a panel there for each of the speaker's sessions.

Details listed for each session:

Session Name, Status, Type, Track, and Level,

plus a list its scheduled instances (with dates and times).

Mouse over the Info icon info icon for a scheduled instance to see its Capacity and the numbers Registered and Waitlisted.

Q: How do I schedule sessions?
A: In the SCHEDULER view on the Sessions list page,
     or when you edit a session on Add/Edit Session.

Custom Speaker Data

Click the downwards arrow in the heading bar to list Speaker Custom Fields to which you can assign values for this speaker.

Custom fields are set up for the event on Manage > Speakers and Sessions > Setup > Custom Fields.

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