Setup (in Speaker and Session Management)

These are four areas in which you set up things required before adding or editing sessions.

1. Session layout

Configure the layout of the Sessions page on which you add and edit sessions.

You first choose one of two starter options:

Simple session layout, with easy session entry, auto publish options, and up to 15 custom fields.

Conference session layout, with multiple-instance scheduling, and up to 200 custom fields.

Then arrange fields and other options on your layout, choosing from a range of pre-defined standard fields and the custom fields you have configured (see next).

2. Custom Fields

Add and edit custom fields of many types, for use on Session or Speaker records.

You can set additional options, and choose default selections where appropriate.

3. Job Functions

Select the predefined job functions to be available for use as the "target" job functions for sessions in this event.

4. Industries

Select the predefined industries to be available for use as the "target" industries for sessions in this event.


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