Add or Edit a Simple Session (in Speaker and Session Management)

This is where you add and edit sessions if the Session Layout selected on Setup > Session Layout is Simple Sessions.

Tip: Customize the Layout
A default layout is provided, which may be all you require for your event.

But if you require more,  then before adding any sessions, an Event Builder or Administrator may customize the layout on Setup > Session Layout.

That determines the layout of this page, including adding standard fields, custom fields and section breaks.

Note: Once any sessions have been added, it is not possible to disable the Speaker and Session Management Module for the event (in Plan > Configure > Options), unless you first cancel those sessions (by changing their Status to Cancelled) or delete them.


The buttons in the top right corner when you're editing a session:


The fields for each session are determined by the Session layout set up for the event in Setup > Session Layout.

The fields in the default layout are described below.

If the layout in your event has been customized, some of these fields may not be present, and others may have been added. See the list of fields available to add.

Instances section heading

When the Simple Sessions layout is in use, each session may only have one instance. That is, it can only be scheduled once.

Note: If you don't schedule the session instance here, while editing the session, you can do so later on the Scheduler grid view on the Sessions page,.

"Unscheduling sessions": To remove a session from the schedule, click the Unschedule button on the SCHEDULER view on the Sessions page.

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