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Both those actions open an Add Reviewer or Edit Reviewer pop-up window.


On this page you add, edit and view reviewers in Speaker and Session Management.

(That module and its "Conference Sessions" sub-module must be enabled for the event in Plan > Configure > Options > Functional Areas Needed by the Event.)

Note: Reviewer records are automatically added to the account’s Profile database, with additional information on this Reviewers page.
An administrator is therefore able to "anonymize" a reviewer's record if asked to do so. This includes removing all Personal Identifying Information (PII) and optionally deactivating the record:
see Profile Anonymization.

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Reviewers may edit their own records via the Reviewer Portal – the same place they review the papers assigned to them.

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The buttons in the upper right corner:

Reviewer List

Search / Filter – By default, all reviewers are listed. To filter the list, enter values in the search fields and click the magnifying glass. (Click the X to clear any filters applied.)

List – All reviewers are listed with the following columns (which are detailed in Add Reviewer or Edit Reviewer).

Eye icon – View the reviewer's details.

Pencil icon Edit the reviewer's details in the Edit Reviewer pop-up window.

Red X Delete the reviewer. Warning: Deleting a reviewer also deletes their reviews and may change the review statistics for sessions (such as numbers and percentages of reviews completed).


To import reviewers, click the Import button (at top right).

Steps to follow to import reviewers:
  1. In the first step of the wizard you can click a link to download a template Excel file to populate.

  1. Drop a file into step 2, or click Choose File and select the file to upload.

  2. In the Reviewer Import step, map the columns in your import file to the Reviewer Field in Certain.

  3. Click Complete Import to start or schedule the import process.

  4. You receive an email advising that the import is complete, and details of any rows that failed to import (for example, because they didn't match the validation rules mentioned above).

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