Event Tracks (in Speaker and Session Management)


On this page you add and edit event tracks in Speaker and Session Management (which must be enabled for the event in Plan > Configure > Options > Functional Areas Needed by the Event).

A "track" is a way of grouping sessions together by theme at an event, such as a user conference, especially when sessions may be going on simultaneously in different locations.

Tracks must be added here before you can allocate any sessions to them.

Note: If your event has Conference Sessions enabled, you can also assign each Reviewer to one or more tracks. Reviewers review the sessions assigned to their tracks.

Quick Tips

Those actions open an Add Event Track or Edit Event Track pop-up window.

Event Track List

Add New – Opens the Add Event Track pop-up window , for you to enter the details of a new track.

Search –By default, all tracks are listed. To filter the tracks displayed, enter any part of the Track Name in the Search field in the top left corner, and click the spyglass.
(To remove a filter and see the list of all tracks, delete any text in the field and click the spyglass again.)

List – Tracks are listed with the following columns (which are detailed in the Edit Event Track help topic):

Pencil icon Edit – Edit the track in the Edit Event Track pop-up window that opens.

Red X Delete – Delete the track.

Note: You cannot delete a track that is assigned to a session.

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