Custom Fields (in Speaker and Session Management)

Add and edit custom fields of various types, for use as user-defined fields on Session, Speaker, or Reviewer records.

They are then available on data entry layouts, forms, emails, and reports.

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Four of the seven types are lists of options you configure, including their possible values, how they're displayed (radio buttons, check boxes, or drop-down list), the order in which they're displayed, and which is the default value.

Quick Tips

Those actions open an Add Custom field or Edit Custom Field pop-up window.

Custom Field List

Add Custom Field – Opens the Add Custom Field pop-up window , for you to enter the details of a new custom field. (See that topic for details.)

Filter –By default, all custom fields are listed, but you can choose to filter by any combination of three things:

List – Custom fields are listed with the following columns:

Pencil icon Edit – Edit the custom field in the Edit Custom Field pop-up window that opens.

Red X Delete – Delete the custom field.

"Copy" icon Copy – Copy the custom field. Edit the copy in the Edit Custom Field pop-up window that opens.
Note: Be sure to edit the Name and Code of the new custom field, which will have "Copy" appended to the original values.

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