Pages (Speaker Portal)

On this page you can:

To add new pages, click Add New.

To edit a page, click Pencil icon ("edit") in the Actions column for that page's row in the list of pages.


To preview the site, click Preview Site (upper right).

That opens a pop-up "lightbox" window with these two icons; one each for tablet and desktop/laptop:

Preview Icons: Tablet and Desktop

Click the icon to see the site formatted for that device.

You can navigate around the site the same way a speaker would. For example, click a page icon to show that page.

Click Close to close the pop-up window and return to the configuration page.


The list of pages is shown, one row per page, with these columns:

List of Pages

The content and layout of some of the standard pages are fixed.

The majority are editable, and have an Pencil icon ("edit")edit icon in the Actions column. And if you add new page(s), you add and configure all their content.

Adding and Editing New Pages

Click Add New (in the upper right corner of this Pages page) to add a new page to the speaker portal, to which you add your own content.

For example, you might have an FAQ page, and a Submission Guidelines page.

You see the page added to the end of the list of Pages.

Click Pencil icon ("edit") in the Actions column to edit it.

That opens the Basic Page Details panel.

Basic Page Details

Use this unlabeled area to add and format your text. Most of the buttons should be self-explanatory, except "Source" button (Source code), which  enables you to edit the HTML code directly instead of using the WYSIWYG editor.

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