My Information (Speaker Portal)

On this page you configure the personalized My Information page the speaker sees in the Speaker Portal.

That page shows the speaker's information, which they entered on the Register Speaker page, and which can be edited by an event builder on Manage > Speakers and Sessions > Speakers.

Note: On the Register Speaker page, you can choose to use the Speaker Details layout configured there for this page as well.

Field Setup and Details

If required, customize the page. The editing facilities available are the same as elsewhere in Speaker and Session Management, including the Speaker Portal's My Sessions page.

For example, move and resize fields, add standard and custom speaker fields, and so on.

Note: You can add a new custom speaker field here. It is then available for use on the Register Speaker page of the Speaker Portal and when adding or editing Speakers.

To edit a field, click green pencil (shown when you move your mouse over an editable field).

To make a field required (mandatory), click Green pencil to edit it and then click Required.


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