Login (Speaker Portal)

On this page you configure the Login page the speaker sees in the Speaker Portal.

From the Login page, a new speaker can submit a proposal, or an existing speaker can log in to their personalized portal. (This can include using SSO, if configured for your system.)


Login Page example

Login Details

Login & Proposal Fields

These elements appear on the Login page with the default text unless you enter values for them. (There is no need to re-enter the default values.)

Note: When an SSO option is used, the button seen by the speaker on the Login page is as configured (by an Administrator) at the account level for that SSO (on Account Settings > Management > Single Sign-On).

Custom Layout Area

Add and format your text here. Most of the buttons should be self-explanatory, except "Source" button (Source code), which  enables you to edit the HTML code directly instead of using the WYSIWYG editor.

The position of the text on the speakers' actual Login page is determined by your choice under Choose the Login Position above.

    1. Click the spot in the layout editor  where you want to place the image.

    2. In the Upload an image ....field, click Browse, and select the file on your computer.

    3. The image is displayed immediately in the layout. (There isn't a separate "upload" step.)

    • To resize the image, click it in the editor, and drag the handles on its corners (or sides).

    • To delete an image, click it in the layout, and press the Delete key.

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