Site Layout (Reviewer Portal)

On this page you choose the color palette and navigation bar for the Reviewer Portal in the event.

When you first set up your Reviewer Portal it inherits Site Layout details from the Speaker Portal layout. If you later change the Speaker Portal Layout, you can click Copy from Speaker Portal on this page to copy the new details to the Reviewer Portal, keeping the two portals alike.

Choose Palette

Select one of the palettes listed and illustrated on the left. Your choice is applied immediately to the layout on the right.

Hover your mouse over a palette to display an icon Palette mouseover icon you can click to list the colors (illustrations and hex values) in that palette, and where they are used in the reviewer portal. You can then customize any of those colors.

Choose a NavBar Position

Click the toggle button to select whether the navigation bar should be Horizontal or Vertical.

Your choices are applied immediately to the dummy Example Page layout in this panel, where you can also see the position of the Site Name, Logo, etc.

Then click the next toggle button to select whether the menu options should be displayed as:

    • Icons & Titles – The icon (selected for that page on Pages), and the page Title (Customized on Pages)

    • Titles Only – The page Title, as Customized on Pages, without an icon.

If you selected Vertical, click the toggle button to select whether the menu options should be Sliding or Always On.

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