Agenda (Mobile)

Here you specify which agenda items are to be shown on the Agenda page of Certain Mobile. This page is seen by all attendees (if Show is set to Yes on Mobile > Content); the attendee selects the date for which to show the agenda items, or enters some text on which to search.

Initially, the Shown list on the left contains a list of all the agenda items in the event which have times greater than zero minutes (as added in Event Setup > Agenda). To "hide," or prevent one from being displayed in the Certain Mobile app, drag it into the Hidden list on the right. Agenda items in that list will not be shown in Certain Mobile.

Note that all agenda items for which an attendee has registered will be displayed on their My Calendar page in Certain Mobile, including any "hidden" ones.

Click Save Agenda to save your changes.

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Note: If the event is using the Speaker and Session Management module, then Certain Mobile lists Sessions for the attendee, instead of agenda items. And because sessions are always "published" for selected attendee types (on Manage > Speakers and Sessions > Sessions), there is no need to hide any, so this Mobile > Agenda configuration page is not available when Speaker and Session Management is enabled.

When Speaker and Session Management is used in an event, then when an attendee is using the Certain Mobile app without having logged in, only sessions which have been published to all attendee types are shown on the Agenda page. Once the attendee logs in, the app shows all sessions published for their Attendee Type (on Manage >  Speakers and Sessions > Sessions).

Note: Fees may be included in the Shown list here, regardless of whether they have fees associated with them. But even when attendees are allowed to add sessions to and remove sessions from their calendar, they can do so only for sessions without fees.


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