Registration History (Attendee)

Certain tracks changes to an attendee's registration in the History area. The History list shows a record of all changes made to the Registration. It also includes changes made to the registration record between the day the Registration was created and the day of the latest of the following: Event End Date, Event Start Date, or Registration Date Last Modified.

On this page you can view each change and drill down into more details on each one,

You can also add additional history items.

Registration Header

The standard Registration Header is shown, as it is on all other admin-side Registration pages

Registration History

Use this section to read basic information about each change made to the attendee's registration. This list displays the Date, User, Action (e.g "Update' or 'Insert'), and a Summary description of the change.

To add an additional item to the registration history, click Add New.


When you click a history item, the additional information displays in the Details for row n section. For instance, if you have sent an email to the attendee, the text of the email is displayed.

Registration History Notes

This section is displayed when you click Add add a history item to the registration.

Choose an Action (required), type a Summary (required), and optionally add the Details you wish to enter into the registration's record of history items.

This enables you to add details about additional communications or items you need to remember at a later date, especially when multiple planners are managing the same event using Certain and need to keep track of who does what while planning and managing the event.


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