Agenda (Attendee)

This page shows the agenda items that the attendee selected on the registration form or that a planner entered using the Certain registration tools.

Registration Header

The standard Registration Header is shown, as it is on all other admin-side Registration pages

Personal Agenda

Use this section to read basic information about each agenda item associated with the attendee's registration. This list displays the date, start and end times, code, quantity, fee (if any), and status.

You can click the Add New button to manually assign agenda items to registrations that have a Registration Status with a Classification of Accepted, Pending, or Cancelled.

The Agenda Item Information section is displayed, and you can select an agenda item to add. In the drop-down list, the agenda items are sorted by date and display their start and end times, the available / waitlist / inventory numbers, unique code and agenda item name.

Note: If the Speaker and Session Management module is enabled for the event, then attendees register for Sessions instead of Agenda Items, in which case see the Registrations > Sessions page. But Agenda Items may still be used for other things, such as merchandise.

Play (icon) Video: Adding an Agenda Item for a Registration (1 min.)

Play (icon) Video: Cancelling an Agenda Item for a Registration (1 min.)

Agenda Item Information

Selecting an agenda item displays the Agenda Item Information section. You can modify the registrant’s status using the drop-down. For example, if a registrant calls or emails to cancel one or more agenda items the planner can change the status from “Registered” to “Cancelled.” When the registrant cancels an agenda item, any corresponding fees are removed from the registrant’s order. Similarly, the planner can modify the status for waitlisted registrants from “Waitlisted” to “Registered”.

Using the waitlist option on a form, a registrant can only reserve one slot (Quantity of 1) per agenda item. However, the planner can increase the Quantity in this screen, if necessary.

When viewing or editing details on an agenda item in the attendee's registration, you can see the following data:

When the planner manually adds an agenda item to a registration agenda it must be added in a Registered agenda status to account for fees and inventory. If the item has no remaining inventory, then the planner can only assign the item in a Waitlisted agenda status. This avoids any risk of planners putting attendees on waitlists when inventory is actually available. The agenda status can later be changed to Cancelled, Attended or No-Show, if necessary.

* For example: A registrant may call or email to cancel their Agenda Item; the administrator would edit the agenda item in their agenda and change the status from Registered to Cancelled. Similarly, if an agenda item is sold out, but later has one or more cancellations, the administrator would modify the status for attendees currently on the waitlist, changing them from Waitlisted to Registered.

Note – If you need to track agenda item attendance after the event closes, the Agenda Status can be modified from Registered to either Attended or No-Show and the corresponding fees and quantity will remain. To modify multiple registrations in a single action, we recommend using the Mass Action Change Agenda Status in the Report Results window.

Agenda Item Guest List

This section only displays if you are using the Agenda Guest List feature and you are viewing a primary registrant's Agenda. Guests of the primary registrant are listed in this section if the primary registrant has assigned previously reserved agenda items to their Guest. If they have additional reserved agenda items and guests, the planner can click Add Another Guest to assign the agenda items to the guests. You can also select the guest record to view its details.

When you view the Guest's Agenda, the Quantity can not be edited since it is assumed it will always be one. Additionally, the only registration statuses available are Guest and Cancelled.


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