Using the HTML Editor

Certain includes an HTML Editor that helps you to configure various elements of your event registration forms, emails, websites, etc.

The HTML Editor enables you to customize text with HTML functions for modifying the appearance of text, creating lists and tables, and so on.

It appears as a box with a toolbar and a text-editing area.

Type your text, and use the buttons to format it. You can hover your mouse over a button to see its label.

You can click Source to enter HTML code directly, and switch back to Normal to see the results. Using Source mode is only recommended if you understand HTML.

To save the text you have entered, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save.

Note: If the Enable CKeditor check box on Account Settings > Implementation > Security is cleared for the account, then on most pages that would include the editor there is no option to enable it; only the plain text box is shown.

Note re HTTPS

All pages in Certain, including any rendered in iframes added to Certain forms and webpages, must be displayed as https:// for security reasons.

Caution: This means that if you are displaying another page via an iframe, its URL should be https. Browsers won't display an http page on an https page.

This restriction still applies if you are editing the HTML manually in a plain text box, rather than using the HTML editor.


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