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A registration form is an online form that enables attendees to register for an event, submitting their information into the registration and profile database tables.

Each form must belong to one event, but an event can have any number of forms.

Examples: Attendee Registration form, Exhibitor Registration form, Appointment Preferences selection form, etc.

Note: By default, all Certain forms and websites are "private" (invisible to search engines). For information about changing this for all or some events, see the pdf guide, Web Crawlability in Certain Events.

Security Note: If the event has an Access Token (generated on Event Details), then anyone going to any forms or websites in the event would have to enter the token before proceeding.

The Sections of a Registration Form

A form consists of one or more sections, which you can group into one or more pages.

You can can select the sections, their order, and the number of sections per page, as needed.

List of Sections availableList of Sections available

 These links open the detailed topics for those pages.)

* You can have multiple Questions, Agenda, Sessions, Logic, and Custom HTML sections.
Each one is only listed here once you have added and named it on its configuration page. That custom name is what you see on this Form Setup page.

Note: Every form must include a Registrant Details section.

Recommended: Accommodation and Travel sections should be on separate form pages.

Suggested order: Accommodation Entry > Accommodation > Travel Entry > Travel, across four consecutive form pages.

Last page: The last section should be the Confirmation (from which a confirmation email can also be sent).

Setup Information

Note: By default, form pages are not tracked at the individual level; once a registrant proceeds beyond the entry page, the form URL is the same for all pages.
You can change this if you select Enable page-specific, page-level URL below.

Note: The registration status selected here will override the default status of the registration's attendee type.

Note: The list of statuses available for selection includes:
Custom statuses added on Plan > Configure > Custom Statuses.
The 11 default registration statuses (New, Requested Invitation, Waitlist Hold, Invited, Request Denied, Invitation Sent, Pre-Registered, Declined Invitation, Cancelled, No-show, Attended) unless the account has the Show Default Statuses option cleared on Account Settings > Implementation > Security; in which case none of those are available. But it is very rare for an account administrator to clear this setting.

Page Layout

Select the sections that you want to include in the form from the Available Sections list on the left, and move them to the Online Form Sequence list on the right.

Play (icon) Video: Page Layout (2 min.)

(To save scrolling through a long list of sections, you can type any part of a section name in the Filter text box. That's a predictive search that limits the list to matching sections.)

(If there are any sections in the Online Form Sequence box that you don't want to include, move them back to the Available Sections box.)

Insert a {New Page} break before a section to build a multi-page form.

Insert a {Secure Page} break before any section that collects credit card information (such as the Payment or Accommodation sections).

Either causes the page before it to end with a Continue button.

Three Rules for Building a Registration Form

  1. Every form must include the Registrant Details section.

  2. The Accommodation Entry section is optional. If it is not used, then attendees will only be able to request one room. If it is used, then it must be on the page immediately before the Accommodation section. The Accommodation Entry section serves no purpose other than as an introduction to the Accommodation section.

  3. The last section of the form must be a Confirm section. You do not need to add a {New Page} at the end.

Page Titles

You can choose to display a step-by-step navigation bar in this section. The navigation bar helps attendees to see where they are in the registration process as they proceed through the form.

Global Display Settings

Global Display Settings determine the default display behavior for the entire form.

All fonts are defined on the Plan > Configure > Display page.

Required Fields Settings

Certain optionally displays an image next to each field on a form page which is required.

Required Fields Messages

You can customize the error messages displayed to the attendee when what they have entered fails validation.

These message labels and default valuesmessage labels and default values  should be enough to explain each one.

Message Label

Default Value

Field error message

is a required field.

Invalid message

is not valid.

Not valid message

is not a valid option.

Not available message

is not available.

Out of range

The answer must be between

Bad size

The number of characters in the answer must be between

Number answers

The number of answers must be between

Range separator


Not integer

Please enter an integer without decimal places or a thousands separator.

Not numeric

Please enter a number without a thousands separator.

Not positive

Please enter a positive number without a thousands separator.

Not email

Please enter a valid email address in the format ''.

Emails do not match

The two values that you entered do not match.  Please review your email address and re-enter it.

Not date

Please enter a valid date in the format mm/dd/yy.

Not time

Please enter a valid time in the format 1:45 PM.

Not date time

Please enter a valid date time in the format mm/dd/yy 1:45 PM.

Not US phone

Please enter your 10-digit phone number, including area code.

Not US Zip

Please enter your 5 digit or 5+4 digit zip code.

PIN Taken

The username that you have selected is not available.  Please choose another one (such as your email address).

Password mismatch

The 2 passwords that you have entered do not match.  Please re-enter them.

Payment Too Big

Payments processed online cannot be made for amounts greater than the total balance due, nor can refunds be processed online for more than the total of all payments.  Please check the payment amount, or adjust the charges before applying a new payment or refund.

Other fields no Match

You have entered data into the "Other" field, but did not select that option.  Please select that option, or remove the text data.

Other field required

You have selected an option that requires additional information. Please provide that information, or select another option.

Invalid CC Number

The credit card number you have entered is invalid.

Invalid CC ExpDate

The credit card expiration date you have entered is invalid.

Invalid CC Format

The credit card number you have entered can contain only numbers, spaces, or dashes.

No Captcha Error

Please verify that you are not a robot.

Profile Picture

The dimensions of the uploaded picture are not valid; please upload a different image smaller than 600px x 600px.

Agenda Item Error Messages

You can customize error messages related to agenda items.

 These message labels and default valuesmessage labels and default values should explain their use.

Message Label

Default Value

No Inventory

You have selected an item without available inventory. Please update your selection.

Session Timeout

Your session has exceeded the timeout limit and some of your selections may no longer be available. Please make new selections.

Question about Registration

We have a question about your registration. Please phone or email the registration contact for this event

Min Capacity Error

Note:  The actual minimum capacity cannot be included in a custom message.

If you leave this field empty, the attendee sees the following message:

Please select at least <Min> from %groupOne.

Max Capacity Error

Note:  The actual maximum capacity cannot be included in a custom message.

But if you leave this field empty, the attendee sees the following message:

Please select no more than <Max> from %groupOne.

Date Conflict Error

You have selected agenda items that occur at the same time. Please review your selections below.

Labels for Registration Assistance Link

You can customize the message shown to an attendee if they click the link for registration assistance. You can include HTML tags in the text.

These message labels and default valuesmessage labels and default values  should be enough to explain each one.

Message Label

Default Value


<CENTER>If you would like a response, please let us know the best way to contact you.</CENTER>


Submit your question below



Your Name:


Your Email:






For additional help, please contact:

Labels for Buttons and Links

Here you set the messages that appear on standard links and buttons that can be automatically displayed on the form.

If no text is entered in a field, the button will not be displayed (except that the Continue button is Required).

Creating and Editing Registration Forms (ADVANCED SETTINGS)

Click the Advanced button on this Form > Setup page to edit messages that are displayed automatically.
Each message contains default text which you can change or delete.

Customize Entry Page Message (Before Form Open Date)

Customize Entry Page Message (After Form Close Date)

Customize Entry Page Message (After Event End Date)

Customize "Event Registration Capacity" Message

  1. Note: This message is not displayed in either of these situations:
    1. If
    Registration Capacity is blank, meaning there is no limit.
    2. If the option is selected to
    Allow form to remain open when event capacity is reached. (See under Setup Information – Settings, above.)
    That includes when Automatic Event Waitlisting is enabled, since that requires that option to be selected.)

Customize "Maximum Concurrent Registrations" Message (Based on active sessions)

If you are anticipating an event will be in high demand and will have a spike of registrations upon going live, we recommend that you contact Certain Product Support with the name of your event, your go-live date and time, and the anticipated number of registrations within the first hour. Product Support can then make a recommendation on the maximum number of concurrent sessions (registrations) that can be reached before a custom message is displayed.

This feature works in conjunction with the ‘Incomplete registrations count against capacity/inventory for ‘X’ minutes after their last modification’ value that is defined under Plan > Configure > Options > Global Settings section. This value defines the number of minutes that a registrant has to complete their registration before their session is timed out.

When the maximum number of registrants is reached, the custom error message will appear and the page will refresh every 15 seconds, allowing in new registrants as other registrants complete the form. An image will appear below the custom message, indicating the page will automatically refresh in ‘X’ seconds.

If you would like to extend the length of the refresh interval, this value can be modified by Certain Support.  

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