Session Section Detail (Registration Form)


This page is where you set up the details of a Sessions section for a registration form.

It is displayed when you click Add New, or "Edit" pencil iconEdit on the Forms > Sessions page.

It includes the session section details listed below: Section Header, Session Section, Session Template, and Display Conditions.

See the Forms > Sessions help topic for an overview. This describes the workflow, including setting up Session Section Templates and a Speaker Template, and customizing Session Section Display Options.

You can configure up to 20 Session Sections in a form.

Each Session Section includes sessions of one or more session types, and may be configured with display logic to determine whether the section is displayed.

In the form the attendee can add to their schedule any of the scheduled instances of the sessions (of those types) that have been published for their attendee type . (See Manage > Speakers and Sessions > Sessions .)

Caution: A Sessions section must therefore always come after the Attendee Type section in the form, so that the form can list the correct sessions.

NOTE about overlapping sessions: A registrant cannot select sessions whose times overlap, unless the event has the option to "Allow Overlapping Sessions for Registrations" set under 'Speaker and Session Management' on Plan > Configure > Options.

Each Session Section must be based on a Session Template, which determines the dynamic fields and text shown.

You set the Session Display Options, such as customizable labels and filters, just once for all Session Sections in the form.


You do not configure waitlisting for sessions at the form level. You set the Waitlist Inventory for a session on Manage > Speakers and Sessions > Sessions

The form shows an Add to Waitlist button, instead of an Add to Schedule button, when a session has reached its maximum capacity, and there are fewer waitlisted attendees than the maximum allowed (that is, the Waitlist Inventory).

Section Header

Text to appear above the session section on the form. It labels the section for the attendee, and typically includes additional instructions or information.

Session Section

Play (icon) Video: Creating Session Sections (2 min.)

Session Template

Session Display Conditions

Select one of these two options:

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