Session Display Options (Registration Form)

This pop-up window opens when you click the Session Display Options button on the fixed button bar at the end of the Forms > Sessions page.
(The button is only visible when you are viewing the lists of session sections and templates, not when you are editing one.)

This is where you can customize the display of the contents of the Session Sections in your forms.

Apart from the Other Options described at the end of this topic, you only need to edit these customization fields where you don't want to use the default values.

Note: The settings here apply to all session sections in the form.
Many of them are for localization of forms – where you have forms in different languages.

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Search & Filters

These further configuration fields are displayed when you select the Enable Search? check box:

Filter Details

Add/Remove Button Labels

The text of the buttons for the registrant to add a session to their schedule, or to remove it.

The text of messages shown to the registrant instead of the button when the session is not available, or they are already waitlisted for it.

Session Display Formats

My Sessions Panel

My Sessions: Verify & Confirm

  1. For Field 1 to Field 8, select one of the values in the drop-down list, or accept the default values.

  2. (Examples: Title, Start Date, Start Time, etc.)

  3. Add to Calendar: One of the fields you can select is Add to Calendar.
    When included, the My Sessions section on the Verify and Confirm pages will display an "Add to Calendar" link.
    The registrant clicks that link to launch an .ics file.
    That adds the session they registered for to their calendar.
    Note: Each session will have its own "Add to Calendar" link.
    See Add to Calendar below for how to configure the appointment settings.

Add to Calendar

Complete these details if Add to Calendar is selected as a dynamic data field ("DDF") in any of the above eight fields.

When a registrant clicks the Add to calendar link, or the icon, on the confirmation page, they are prompted to open or download an .ics file, which is a universal calendar file format compatible with Outlook, Google Calendar and other calendars.

The start date and time of the appointment are the session instance Start Time, with the Date/Time offset by the event time zone defined under Event Setup>Details, and then offset again based on the time zone of the registrant's computer. (See examples of time zone effects.)

Highly recommended: test this feature before going live, to ensure that the proper date/time is added to attendees' calendars.

Session Messages

Other Options

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