Agenda (Registration Form)

Agenda sections on a registration form are where attendees can select agenda items.

You can add up to 40 Agenda sections.

For example, you might have one section for Scheduled items of type Session Breakouts, one for Scheduled items of type Meals, and another section for Merchandise items.

(Note: These 40 sections do not include Agenda Search, Personal Agenda, or Agenda Guest List. See Agenda Display Options below for those.)

(Note: if the Speaker and Session Management module is enabled for the event, then a form would have a Sessions section for attendees to add sessions to their schedule. It may however still have an Agenda section, especially for agenda items such as merchandise.)


You add Agenda Items on the Plan > Event Setup > Agenda pages.

These can include Scheduled items, Fees and Discounts, Merchandise, and Other agenda items.

Configuring them includes adding the custom types and groupings you can use in setting up Agenda sections for forms.

List of Agenda Sections

The list of Agenda sections is a multi-page list.

Click Add New to create and configure an Agenda section in the Agenda Section Details panel that opens.
This includes giving the section a name, which is what you see on the Form Setup page when selecting the sections to include on the form.
(Note: Once you've added all 40 Agenda sections, the Add New button is no longer available.)

Play (icon) Video: Agenda Sections (3 min.)

Pencil icon ("Edit") – Edit the section in the Agenda Section Details panel that opens.

Disabled "Delete" icon (Gray X)("Delete" icon (red X) on hover) – Delete the section.

   Caution: You should not delete a section that's included in the Online Sequence on the form's Setup page of the form.

"Copy" icon – Copy the section.
       Note: Edit the Code and Name of the new item, which will each have the word "copy" appended to the original.


Display Formats

Play (icon) Video: Display Formats (45 sec.)

Agenda Display Options

Play (icon) Video: Agenda Display Options (2 min)


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