The Questions page is where you create custom questions for use on registration forms, Certain Check-In. and elsewhere.

It's the same page, opened in a pop-up window, when you add or edit a question on:

Creating a Custom Question

To create a custom question, you need to supply:

  1.  the question (a request for information),

  2. and for some questions the possible answers (a way for the registrant to respond).

Use the sections on this page to create questions and answers to collect:

Certain knows where to show (that is, how to assign) each custom question and its corresponding answer field, based on how the Questions page was accessed.

To create a custom question:

Follow the steps below that correspond to the sections you see on the Questions page in Certain.
Skip steps that refer to panels you don't see.

Note: When you begin to create a custom question, you see only two sections on this page: Select Question Type and Details.
The question type you choose determines which other sections and options are displayed.

  1. Select Question Type

  2. Question Details

  3. Answer Settings

  4. Answer Options

  5. Save

  6. Select additional options

  7. Preview Questions

  8. Verify Appearance

  9. Select Default Answer

  10. Display Settings

Select Question Type

STEP 1 – Select the type of question/answer format that best collects the needed information. (These formats are based on the answer method.)


STEP 2 – Provide the requested information about the question part of the question/answer format.

For more information, see tips on creating names, codes, and labels.

Settings (not available for Radio and Select question types)

STEP 3 – Provide the requested information about the answer part of the question/answer format.

Note: The question type you selected (see above) determines which options are shown in this section.

Answer Options (for Radio, Checkbox, Select, and Select Multiple question types);

STEP 4 – For each answer option you want to offer the registrant, enter a Label, a Name, and a Code (separated by  hyphens, e.g. Yes I will attend-Yes -Y) on one line of the text box.

For more information, see tips on creating names, codes, and labels.

You must enter a Label, but the other two are optional.

Press Enter after each answer option to begin a new entry. Do not use the Tab key on your keyboard (as indicated on-screen)!

Note: Maximum answer options per question = 1000.
Recommended: To maximize registration form performance, do not exceed 150.

STEP 5 – Click Save at the bottom of this page (Not 'Save and Close'). Additional options are displayed.

STEP 6 – Select additional options, if needed.

Preview Questions and Set Default Answer

STEP 7 – Click the Save button on the bottom of this page (not 'Save and New) to preview your entries in this section.

STEP 8 – Verify the question's appearance. Change it using the Display Settings options (below), if needed. Click Save to preview any changes.

STEP 9 – (For radio buttons, check boxes, and select drop-down lists) – If desired, select one default answer from the answer options displayed in the drop-down list.

Display Settings

STEP 10 – Change the question's appearance using the Display Settings options, if needed. Click Save to preview any changes (above).

Play (icon) Video: Setting Question Display Settings (Less than 2 minutes)

STEP 11 – Click Save and Close when you are satisfied with the results you see in the Preview section.


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