Note: The Package feature is intended for advanced users with specific needs, as described below. It is only available if the Packages sub-module (of the Event module) is selected for the event (in Plan > Configure > Options).

A package is a selection of Agenda Items a meeting planner groups together to be a component of a logic rule. Typically, the logic rule is used to compare the quantity of tickets purchased by a registrant using an online form to how many purchases are allowed (i.e., to monitor online orders), and results in an error message being displayed to the registrant if quantities are exceeded.

Packages are not created to be a convenience to the registrant (e.g., order one package instead of ordering agenda items separately).

Note also that these "Packages" (of Agenda Items) are not to be confused with "Flight Packages" in the Travel Module, which are explained in their own Help topic: Plan > Travel > Flight Packages.

Why Use Packages?

Packages can be used to ensure that a registrant’s purchases do not exceed allowable levels; for example, if the rules of a conference entitle a registrant to one free parking pass for each ticket purchased to a speaking engagement. If on the registration form you allow the attendee to enter the number of parking passes desired, you can create a package containing all of the agenda items that are "speaking engagements.” You then create a logic rule that generates an error message on the page if the number of parking passes entered was larger than the number of tickets selected from the “speaking engagements package”.

To create a package, click the Add New button

Creating, Editing, and Deleting Packages

Package Setup

Name – A descriptive name for the package, used to identify it in Certain.

Code – (Required.) Must be unique. Will be displayed in reports.

Multiply quantity sum total by –Set a value that will be multiplied by the sum of package. Must be number between 0.01 and 99.99.

Select from Available Agenda Items

Select the check boxes for all the agenda items that you want to include in the package. If you want to include all agenda items in the event, click Check All.

Agenda Items in this Package

A list of all the agenda items included in the package.

Click to delete one.

Reporting on Packages

You can create a custom report to report on packages:

  1. Go to Reports/Analyze.

  2. Click Add Report to open the Report Setup Page.

  3. Select the report type "Registrations with Packages", name and save the report.

  4. Edit the report Columns to add the package(s) of your choice as columns.

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